Internet – our new BFF??

7 billion people in the world, yet here I am sitting all alone, munching on last night’s sandwich, having a total pointless conversation with myself. So I decided to do something productive, instead and turned to internet 😀 This is what I do all day anyways and am presuming a lot of you too. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong if I claimed internet to be my new best friend forever for it lets me rant about a bunion, swear like a sailor, stalk my crush keep a tab on my celebrity boyfriends, vent hate on random people, pervert random innocent things, has world’s cutest photo collection of kittens, is unbelievably funny and is always there to hold me down every time I want to go on a killing spree. There is nothing I don’t share with the internet and there is nothing the internet won’t tell me about. We’re that close, quite literally.
With our connection as strong as ever, I decided to reach out to people who like me like being friends with my friend. But before I delve any further into generalizing our kind and making us mainstream, let me explain it in layman’s terms who we really are.
We are the whiney, lonely, slightly mentally imbalanced, sleep deprived people trying to pass off our real world weirdness for virtual world cool. Don’t get me wrong, we are actually really a lot of fun but sadly, the world seems to have its priorities f*cked up.
Next up in our platonic love affair comes the haters, who would like nothing better than to pull the plug on our little friendship. Claiming it to be unhealthy, they call us ‘internet addicts’. But what they don’t realize is if you look at it right in all seriousness, we are the monks of the modern age living our life in solitude, having attained such powers of concentration that we can drown the outer world into irrelevance at will. All we’re waiting for now is to be bestowed with some title/honor of sort… hmm.. Knighthood of Networkingham Palace sounds nice.. what do ya say?? ;D

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