#Twitterbetter ‘cos this a break up letter

Dear Facebook,
There is no easy way to say this. It’s been a while since I last saw you and that pretty much sums it up. It only makes sense to make it official now. We’re done. I guess this is how far it goes.
Know that the time I spent with you was the most fun time of my life. You were hip and popular, I was shy and awkward … instant chemistry, it was the case of opposites attract. You made me popular.. you found me friends. You held my hand through boring college lectures, awkward social gatherings and dull bus rides even when you were feeling a little blue. I can never forget those hot, sweaty summer breaks when I couldn’t just keep my hands off you. Even when people told me you’re no good for me, you’re just a waste of time, we stuck together. You became such an important part of my life that I woke up to the sight of you and fell asleep staring at your beaming face. Even when I got too possessive checking on you a million times a day, you only liked me better. Theres nothing I didn’t share with you, in fact you were the first I updated with the smallest of things. The memories are precious and trust me when I say, you were special.
But it’s time to move on. I have fallen for someone else now. Don’t blame me, I didn’t see it coming either. We didn’t even get along in the beginning for she was a bit hard to figure out but now, all I want to do is her. I think she is the one. I don’t mean to be mean but let’s admit it, she is way cooler. While everybody wants to be friends with you, people follow her around. That’s how amazing she is. She is sweet, short and crisp and she is wild and uninhibited. I wish you could be a little more like her, a little less uptight and a little more open. Nonetheless, I still do like you but for most part, it’s over.
I hope we stay friends.

Living and Loving as an Introvert

that’s so me.. 😀


good advice

*stands up*

*shuffles nervously*

*clears throat*

Hello. My name’s Ruth and I am an introvert.

Would you believe that it has taken me 31 years to say that?

Most of those years have been taken up with saying other things. No, I’m not anti-social. No, I’m not shy. No, it’s not that I hate people, or that I hate you, or that I’m a badly brought up Awkward Annie.

I’m just an introvert.

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Who Knew: A Poem

must read for every1..

Melancholy Hyperbole

Who knew? It was the night
before the world ended,
and we sat up for no real
reason, just talking.
Before I knew it, you were
sitting on the front steps smoking
all the cigarettes I had smuggled in
from Seattle. Rain dripped off
the rotting soffit edge and filled
the ashtray with water;
it was disgusting but we kept
smoking. There was little else
to say, so we smoked.
Is memory just a trick,
a dog-licked host, a slick
little biscuit, hairy and lost,
absent from its good golden box?
Is the litany I repeat
repeated more for its
resplendent sound than
for any appeal to your grace?
I doubt, Lora, doubt
that you have thought of
me even once in the last
ten years: in the last twenty,
even. Though I have
thought about you
every single day.
Your name is always the first
word I form–always the…

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Jack, a career whore?!

So today someone asked me what I want to be in life, hmm.. I remember someone asking me the exact same question when I was 12 and I had given out a very confident, strong voiced reply, “Engineer like my father :D”. Although I managed to escape that question with quite a cheeky answer, it made me think about it all the way home. The thing that staggered me was how I didn’t have an answer to it anymore.
I have wanted to be a lot of things in life, like how once I read this most amazing manga ever, the Fullmetal Alchemist and suddenly I was googling comic books and how to draw cartoon characters and stuff. I went down and bought myself a drawing book, some crayons, color pens and I thought I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Then it waned and I was back to being..umm.. confused. I mean how do you even decide when you’re just 16. It’s like deciding to marry someone, I wanna marry science or arts or that homeless wannabe guitar player (who btw in a few years time may turn out to be sharing stage with Mick Jagger). People tell me, “It’s a matter of time and everybody finds that one thing they wanna do for the rest of their lives” but what if I turn out to be George Clooney?? How do you know?? How do you know what makes you tick at 16 will still be making you want to get out of bed at 30?? Just how?? :/
I have heard people (when I say people I mean Eminem, Keith Richards) say, “There is nothing else they would wanna do for the rest of their lives”. Is it really true?? Have you tried doing something else?? ‘cos me.. I wanna be a rockstar one moment spitting water on people and the next I wanna be an eccentric writer working nights under a table lamp with crumpled papers strewn all around. Then again I also wanna make movies and sometimes I wanna be a politician. Can I be all that?? Is this what Lenka meant when she sang “all I wanna be is everything at once” ‘cos babe same.
My brother called it an “identity crisis” (sounds like some crappy indie band) and my mom says that I am directionless, dawdling with things, refusing to grow up. Well, I like to think of it as being the jack of all trades (and master of none but that’s not the point). I guess that’s who I am.. today but who knows what I might be tomorrow?? Its not that I don’t have passion.. or fire for that matter.. the kind of fire you see in the eyes of a 5 yr old when she sets them on the new, shiny ballet shoes in the display window for the first time, it’s just my eyes seem to hop from one shiny set to another wanting to do all of them. Umm.. so does that make me a career whore!? :O

Internet – our new BFF??

7 billion people in the world, yet here I am sitting all alone, munching on last night’s sandwich, having a total pointless conversation with myself. So I decided to do something productive, instead and turned to internet 😀 This is what I do all day anyways and am presuming a lot of you too. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong if I claimed internet to be my new best friend forever for it lets me rant about a bunion, swear like a sailor, stalk my crush keep a tab on my celebrity boyfriends, vent hate on random people, pervert random innocent things, has world’s cutest photo collection of kittens, is unbelievably funny and is always there to hold me down every time I want to go on a killing spree. There is nothing I don’t share with the internet and there is nothing the internet won’t tell me about. We’re that close, quite literally.
With our connection as strong as ever, I decided to reach out to people who like me like being friends with my friend. But before I delve any further into generalizing our kind and making us mainstream, let me explain it in layman’s terms who we really are.
We are the whiney, lonely, slightly mentally imbalanced, sleep deprived people trying to pass off our real world weirdness for virtual world cool. Don’t get me wrong, we are actually really a lot of fun but sadly, the world seems to have its priorities f*cked up.
Next up in our platonic love affair comes the haters, who would like nothing better than to pull the plug on our little friendship. Claiming it to be unhealthy, they call us ‘internet addicts’. But what they don’t realize is if you look at it right in all seriousness, we are the monks of the modern age living our life in solitude, having attained such powers of concentration that we can drown the outer world into irrelevance at will. All we’re waiting for now is to be bestowed with some title/honor of sort… hmm.. Knighthood of Networkingham Palace sounds nice.. what do ya say?? ;D